Best Shoplifting Signs tips In your shop


Shoplifting and anti-theft signs are proven methods of reducing shoplifting. The big plus is that they are low-cost. What they do is show that you are aware and alert and that they will face the consequences of shoplifting.

Here are some interesting statistics

-one survey found that 84% of customers noticed security signage
-70% believed the words on the signs.
-50% of shoplifters indicated that they would either go to another store or not steal anything if surveillance signs were in the area.

Here are some tips on antitheft signs.

1) Instead of wasting marketing space on your shelf or floor space with your shoplifting signs, place them up high where shoplifters will most likely check for surveillance cameras
2) Place near the entrance, many potential shoplifters will see when entering besides many do not go deep into the shop anyway.
3) The sign should be in red.
4) Putting a pair of human eyes on your sign dramatically reduces theft. This sign reduced theft of bikes by 62%

For a discussion of the formal reasons why eyes work, click here.

5) Put signs in places shoplifters might believe is a blind spot in the shop; to remind them just because they can't see you does not mean that you can't see them.

Of course, for a well-rounded security plan, you should combine security signage with other security and protection measures.

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