Be very careful about eliminating your cable clutter


This is a common problem today. If you look behind the scenes, what you will often see is a heap of cables. What has happened is that someone has laid some wires. Then someone else has put in some more lines. Then someone else etc.  Over time a mess of cables appears with no one sure of what is what.

Some people try to clean up. Do not be such a person! You might be right that a particular cable is not in use, but you can never be sure. It is all too easy to pull out a power cable, a data cable, security cable etc. Every cable has a story. It had a reason for being there. So before removing a cable, you need to know what it does.

I have a client now that got into some trouble over having taken out another shop's security camera.  

If you do have to remove wires, consider instead moving them out of sight.

Also, look at cable ties which are a cost-effective way to organize cables. If so I would suggest that you don't use single-use plastic ties as these are not adjustable. 


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