Backups and privacy laws

Almost every Commonwealth bank customer from 2000 to 2016 information may be in the wrong hands as the Commonwealth Bank has lost backup tapes. Now the bank has a lot of explaining to do how this happened, why it did not report this earlier to the government and its customers. This will cost them both in time and money. What seems to be most disturbing to people is that the bank account numbers are in this backup.

What we have done is changed our POS software so that by now all the credit card numbers that are stored in our point of sale data is encrypted. Note this probably will not stop a brilliant hacker but will stop much of the rest.

Overall this is another problem none of us needs.

Your point of sale backup should always be under security, with a trusted person or from our understanding of the rules, a person has to cut, tear, break, etc something to get to your backup so it needs to be protected by a key in a locked car, shop, a cabinet or your home.