Automatic ordering, expand your range and reduce the overstock

Buy frequently and buy small by keeping your stocks levels tight.

One big difference that you have with our point of sale software with others in the marketplace is that you have an advanced focus ordering system that can do automatic demand ordering. What it firstly does is calculate a projected sale figure with focus, then compare this figure to what is the stock on hand figure, adds some safety stock, then takes into account the ordering requirement of each supplier and then prints or issues a stock order with almost no work.

This reduces your holding costs, as you are not holding that much in stock.

It also

  • Lower ordering costs - as you are buying only what you need.
  • Improved throughput rates - as you are ordering only what you need.
  • Decreased stock out occurrences - as the computer is checking continuously
  • Overstock wastes - this is often caused by people overestimating what they require.
  • Improved stock accuracy - you have a continuous check on your stock.
  • Higher customer satisfaction - you have the stock you require.