Australians Set to Spend Big on Father's Day Despite Cost-of-Living Pressures


Research from Roy Morgan says that Australians are set to splash out $860 million on Father’s Day gifts this year. This is a slight drop of 1.3% compared to last year. This figure is so tiny I doubt retailers will notice it. It's a massive market, with 35% of Australians planning to buy a gift for Father’s Day and spending an average of $112 per person. This study is in line with another study by Finder.

Looking at the items on offer at the GiftFair in Melbourne, I noticed a few things that would be good for retailers to handle for Father's Day:

  • Alcohol cups like Beer Steins
  • A set of Whisky Metal Bullet Chillers. You keep the chillers in the fridge to freeze, and then when you drink, you pour the whiskey, cooling it without diluting it.
  • BBQ Branding Iron to personalize steaks and burgers with Dad's initial.

Tips for Retailers This Father's Day

If you want some ideas of what worked for you last year.

Go to Register Reports.

Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."

In the form, put in the week before September 4, 2022, and check it out. That will give you what worked last year.

These items likely will work for you again this year as studies show little difference in people's buying habits year to year.

Father's Day is an excellent shopping day in retail. Although it is a limited-time shopping festival with a short season, it can considerably impact your shop if done correctly.

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