ATO outrage so no digital receipts

Yesterday a major Telstra outrage, today we have the ATO site down. I have tried several times as our tax is due on the 21st and the 28th of this month. I am sure many others too as its the start of the month when we start to work on it, but unfortunately we cannot enter the website to put in the details. You can pay the amounts as that goes through the bank system, but we need to enter in the details to get the digital receipts otherwise we get fined.

Overall it is painful to use this ATO site as you have to use firefox as they have never bothered fixing AUSKEY to work with another browser only firefox, did not even bother to get firefox copies like Pale Moon going. All this after the ATO has spent a fortune on the site, a lot more than they should have I think.


  • Manny Muscat said


    I have to pull you up there.

    Having dealt with the tax office electronically for over 16 years, I have never used Firefox

    Internet Explorer is all I have ever utilised

    Yes, sometimes the portals are down, but you can sign up to receive an sms to detail when it is off or working again

  • Dean said

    The business portal works on Internet Explorer. Click on the 3 dots on the right hand corner of Internet Edge or whatever it is called now in Windows 10, and then select Open with Internet Explorer. At least it works on my computer

  • Bernard said

    Manny you can get SMSs but as I stated the whole day I could not log on. Shame too as I was not going to be in our office for a few days and since AUSkey is only installed on one computer at work, I had to come special a few days later to enter in the details.

    Manny and Dean it is a common problem about needing firefox if they want to use AUSKEY. Here is the FAQ from AUSkey.

    Note: Microsoft Edge browsers, Chrome Operating System, and most Android and Apple mobile devices are not compatible with AUSkey.


    AUSkey is compatible with the following browser versions:

    Firefox (32 bit version) – current and previous version. Firefox will no longer support AUSkey in early 2017 – Download a browser extension to continue using AUSkey with Firefox.

    Chrome – current and previous version with a browser extension

    Internet Explorer (IE) – works with the below operating systems with Java software:

    Vista and 2008 server: IE versions 8, 9 and 10

    Windows 7: IE versions 9, 10 and 11

    Windows 8 and 10: IE version 11 only.

    I have set up several systems and always they need firefox.

    Chrome was only compatible in November 2016

    Please read some of the discussions here.

  • Helen said

    In December, it was down for days, and we only realised this when we got a letter from the ato threatening action if we did not pay in 14 days, and then I became upset because I found that the ato site was down, and I could not check what was wrong.

  • Helen said

    I tried this morning to use it and had problems agian but it was intermittent. First few attempts only myGov showed up, then tried again and suddenly my AUSKEY name there!

    I rang up their support, and they seem to think that my Java wasn't installed right or something like that, but I have checked it here and the Java is working fine...

    Then they said it was because I did not have 32 bits Java, but I did have it, when we checked it, then I was told its working now and its fixed. I bet it is not fixed.

    Go figure

  • Bernard said

    Helen, I made some enquires and what they suggest is that you need a new AUSkey. Probably the version you have is corrupt.

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