Another way of quickly seeing what stock needs culling


The unfortunate fact is that we all have old stock sitting in the shop. As a rule, they say that you should look into cull the bottom 20% of your stock. 

You can look at the sales by GMROI, profit and numbers as I showed earlier. But you can also look at those products that are just sitting on the shelf. This is very easy to do and will take you only a second to do.

Go to register reports> Stock> Old Stock on hand.

Now pick a department and get a list of when this stock arrived and the quantity you have on hand.  I am sure you will find some are very old; this will be costing you by just sitting there.

Now please decide what to do with this stock.

Note: You can also run this report by a supplier, which sometimes is handy as some suppliers will allow you to return old stock.

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