Add interesting notes to your receipts


Adding marketing notes to receipts in your POS Software is something businesses can consider in their marketing strategy. Using this, you can make receipts more engaging and memorable for customers, potentially leading to repeat business or positive word-of-mouth. Today people tend to get receipts only when they ask for them, so they tend to review and keep these receipts as they are legal documents, proof of purchase, and a record for taxation. This makes it ideal as an advertisement for your shop.

Exciting notes on receipts, besides personalized messages, fun facts, promotions or discounts for future visits, and other engaging content, are notes specific to the goods sold. You add information that people who buy a certain product will find useful. While studying it later, they will see your banner on the receipt.

If you are interested in doing this, go to your top-selling items reports, it rarely takes many to get over 50% of your sales. 

Now call up the items in stock maintenance, see the arrow here in green, press the box notes and put in a note in the box starting with "^"; this will make it print on the receipt when the item is sold.

In this case, the retailer has added an advertisement.


For adding a note on say 15 items you will be surprised at how much effect it can have on your business. 

This is another example of using our Software to increase sales and improve your operations.


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