A tip that can save some people a lot of grief

We received today a direct deposit with a reference of "POS Solutions." Who is it from, we do not know? The problem is compounded as unlike so many other companies we have standard fees publicly listed. So they are invariably the same.

We have notified the bank to request information and hopefully in a few days we will find out who it is from. It is not the first time it has happened. Sometimes what happens is we discover that the payment is from a company we never heard of. What happens is that many businesses are owned by a shelf company like XYZ family trust who trade as something else. However, all the bank a few days later can tell us is that the payment is from XYZ family trust which we do not know.

Then sometimes while we are tracing the payment people will ring up upset saying "we paid for this, but it never happened." Well, how is anyone supposed to know they paid for it if they do not tell anyone who the payment is from?

Please when paying an account put in a reference that the person receiving the monies can determine who is it from.