A tip on your internet

Because allegedly Australians are the world leaders in illegal downloads, which is dubious if you look at the figures, Australia is introducing some tough laws to combat online piracy. As such many of you may need to reconsider your Internet policy regarding your employee's usage of the Internet, particularly torrents and the downloading of movies and music.

Exactly what is going to happen in the future, no-one knows. It could end out like the US with “speculative invoicing” some of which go well over 100,000 of dollars, or it could be like Holland or India where these rules ended out being stopped by the courts as an invasion of privacy or something between. In the meantime, I am sure that many of you will not be happy to receive threatening letters for the alleged downloading of movies online though your Internet while this issue makes its way though the courts.

So I would suggest that you make a policy that downloads of movies are *NOT* permitted through the work internet.

As well as that in my experience torrents slows your Internet way down.

If you want a very good program for tracking Internet usage, the one we suggest is glasswire available here. What it shows you is how much Internet traffic your computer is producing, both in and out. It also shows you what programs are generating this traffic. It is as well is excellent for checking what you actually consume compared to what your ISP bills you.