A rant on retail SMB vs Large Business Information

Our pos system has over 500 reports plus it has a unique ad-hoc reporting system which allows almost unlimited reporting that allows someone to write just about any report they want. However what I notice is that when I see large businesses and government departments about a point of sale software, the first point that strikes me is that these people know much more about their customers and products than most SMB. Why ???

You would think it would be the reverse, a guy in a small shop should know much more about this then an executive in a large department. They don't as they are so busy looking at the details they miss the big picture.

Yet I can tell you this from personal experience of dealing with thousands of retail organisations both small and large, that the most successful companies are information driven. They are continually accumulating information to improve their stock and services.

Too many SMB are failing to take advantage of the information resources available to them.

Your information in your point of sale system can be a gold mine. You should take advantage of it to boost your bottom line.

Why not take an hour just once a month and just explore the many of the reports in your pos system, do not even make a plan, just go through them one at a time and I am sure you will find much that is useful. Those that are particularly interesting mark as a favourite and run them say once a month to monitor your shop.