A neat function in windows 10 - Dynamic locking

This neat function in windows 10. What happens is that you have a computer or laptop working filled with confidential information in a public place eg work.

We all try our best to monitor the computer but things happen all around us, so as we go to the toilet, talk to someone on the phone, we forget the computer and walk away. Now anyone can examine the computer. We had one retail store recently which while the owner was talking to a customer, our POS Software managerial functions was wide open.

What dynamic locking does is get the computer to monitor your mobile, once set up and you walk away with your phone once you get around 10 metres away windows will lock the computer so keeping your information safe.

Give it a try, see how it goes for you and please share your thoughts with fellow POS Solutions readers.

For information on how to set it up click here.