A major change in the Australian Lotteries maybe occuring

With the recent introduction of Lottoland into the Australian Market a major change, as Australian Punters are now able to play overseas lotteries legally except maybe in South Australia.

Lottoland is off to a fine beginning. It just started here a week ago, and it was reported in Australia that it sold over 200,000 tickets, then saw its website crashed, after 107,000 Australians signed-up to the site and overwhelmed its servers.

Now an Australian punter can decide to go for a $70 million powerball or they can try their luck on many other overseas lottery products like, for example, a $US1.5 billion (A$2.2 billion) Powerball draw in the US or a EuroMillions, which had a prize €183.5 million which is in cash. The other issue is that many powerballs overseas have much lower fees. Australian Punter may be tempted with overseas powerballs with better odds.

Possibly the state governments will stop it as they do not want to lose the revenue they get from lotteries. Maybe the Australian Punter will reject Lottoland as they declined a similar offer from Betfair, but I think a better solution would be for powerball in Australia to merge into powerball in the US. I know Australian retailers would love to get some of the traffic that powerball in the US generated. The other possibility is that powerball could duplicate what Lottoland is doing, in that technically when you buy from Lottoland you do not buy a ticket, but a guarantee that they will pay out the equivalent prize money, as if you had a ticket.

As I stated there may be major changes in the lottery system here.