A chatbot for business information

A chatbox is a robot, that talks to you.

This chatbox growthbot is a free business information service specially designed to supply information for business and among other points, it can tell you about other companies and organisations. This is often extremely useful in business and retail in particular. It is I am sure you will find a great source of information for when you are starting to look.

It is now in early beta and its full of errors but it is getting better.

Let ask it firstly who are "point of sale software providers australia"

So it has us number one. Great stuff I like that score.

Now say for example I was research my company "POS Solutions", to make it work, I find it better to use the website which is possolutions.com.au which identifies us exactly.

So I ask growthbot here

Which is not a bad answer for a first attempt.

Now lets see what my competitors are

I would not say that most of these are NOT our competitors but it does have some that are right. All I have to do is press the number and I will have details about them.

Let find out our company structure.

Well it missed one but I am there.

Okay let us check our website

Well its good website but can be improved, actually we are currently working on a new website.

Lets see what google advertising we are using to push our website

This is true, currently we are not using any keywords but we are thinking about doing this so it may change very soon.

Let us see what was popular on our website

Well they are both very important function in point of sale, so I am happy about that.

Let see what tech my company uses on the web.

This is something, I am going to have to study

And so on you can go on, there are heaps of question you can ask.

Overall I will say that this is either something you will find very useful or totally useless. So give it a try and see how you go. You will need to have a facebook and messenger account to use it, and if you have these then click here to start.