Roster problems with traditional software

One of the unique functions in our software at least in our market space, is that our rostering system can align how many people come to the shop. Most systems that I am aware of can tell you only how many sales you made say between 2:00pm and 3:00pm last Tuesday. Our system can tell you how many visitors came into the shop. This solves a common problem of the shop being understaffed, as they just not have time to communicate with prospective shoppers as they are overwhelmed. This results in potential shoppers lost as they walk out because no-one had time to talk to them. Technically in retail, it is called bouncing. No-doubt you can add to the cost of the lost sale, the shop reputation too as these lost shoppers would not be impressed.

I know of one shop using our system that discovered that its bounce rate was higher on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. As a result they put on more staff then. The system more than paid for itself as they gained a few percentage points on sales as a result.