Cashdraws what you should look at!

People ask us what cash draws, I recommend. Here are some of the points that I suggest you look at. No doubt others here can add their tips too.

Metal vs Plastic

The first point to check is that it is metal, heavy duty and solid construction. I know that some are now selling plastic cash draws. I really have my doubt about plastic ones. Here are some points

Most of my clients are high-volume retailers, and their draws get regularly slammed.

Occasionally when the draw gets jammed, in a high pressure environment like my clients are in, in an effort to get them going people often apply too much force in trying to open and close them.

The purpose of a draw is to keep the money in, and sticky fingers out. A plastic one, I think is just too easy to break open.

I think you need the strength. Sometimes like the draw in the picture above, the draw needs to carry a decent weight and on ocassions, I have seen people put a lot of weight on the draw.

After a while plastic loses its looks, if it is going on the front counter, it should look nice.


Now check the flippers, do they look like they can take punishment? If they fall apart, can you get replacements?

Opening the draw

Now try opening the draw, does it open all the way? Some only open half way and the user has to pull it out, if they want to get the bills in the end.

Furthermore, while opening to listen to the sound it makes, you going hear that sound a lot. Make sure its something you can bear. Ding,ding, ding can after awhile get very annoying.

Coin slots

Another point is the coin slot, does it have slits underneath to let the dust fall through?

I prefer if these slots are horizontal but this really depends on your personal preference. Make sure you get the type that you prefer.

Furthermore, if it's a small draw, what happens with some draws if you put too many coins in the front slots when the register opens it loses its balance and drags down You need to check that. To some, this does not matter as they screw the draw down.

Note slots

On some draws the note slots, although adjustable, are too narrow for the number you need. You need to check that you have enough, and they are wide enough. Otherwise, what happens is the note tend to fold and not lay flat.


Check if you require feet that they are adjustable. Some made of cheap rubber are going to fall off soon.

Receipt driven.

I prefer the receipt printer draws. The only problem is that if the receipt printer runs out of paper, the drawer will not open. If so you need to make sure that you have spare rolls of receipt paper as you need to change the paper as soon as you see the red warning on the receipt printer.


If you are going to use the key, make sure you can get plenty of copies of that key.

Hope this helps.