Advantages of using QR codes rather then emailing receipts

Studies are presently showing that 2/3 of all shoppers now use their smartphones during purchasing. The important point here is they have their smartphones and they are using them.

Furthermore, many particularly older people and women have expressed reluctance to supply email addresses to the retailer, plus even if they do its a effort to collect an email address for just one receipt, so retailers often go back to issuing printed receipts. It's a waste of time and money. Now with our system, you can issue a receipt using QR codes to the shoppers smartphone instantly with no privacy issues.

Besides achieving the lowest possible OPERATING COST, you get many other benefits.

As these digital receipts WILL NEVER fade away and will always be available in “original quality," so people do not have to contact you to get another copy.

The free printing of promotional material and coupons, with these eye-catching receipts which the power to generate MORE SALES as it is combined with digital receipts. I WILL always BE legible and as your clients KEEP their phones with them, so they will have these coupons when they return to the shop – instead of what happens now they lose them so wasting your marketing strategies.

People can read these receipts as they CAN BE magnified on their screen a real if you have older people as clients who often have problems with eyesight.

Your clients will have a permanent record of their bills.

These receipts CAN BE shared easily with 3rd party applications, even at the end of the financial year for claiming business expenses, taxation, customer service, emailing, etc.

Our point of difference, is we are always a step ahead.