Results for the September quarter 2012 have just been released. Looking through the list almost all went down. However, it should be noted that most newspapers went up in price in that quarter so explaining some of the drop.

One point is that I do not see these sort of losses in newsagents; it would be interesting to see an analysis by distribution center.

From what we have, by supplier, the big loser was Fairfax, who went down 15.5%. Part of the reason they claim is that they have been pruning unprofitable areas. Whereas News Limited, I am sure are very happy with NSW results which despite a price rise went down only slightly.

Another interesting point is that Sunday went down; I think it is because the number of outlets handling Sunday papers are dropping.

Furthermore, the minor newspapers in an area tended to do worse than the main one. It looks like soon if this keeps up, we will have our one printed newspaper in a city.