Lucky Charm rewards cards

Lucky Charm Newsagency

At the recent ANF conference, the Lucky Charm group released information on their new loyalty marketing program. It is now available at all The Lucky Charm Newsagents. We were selected to do the software.

Today in retail having some form of customer rewards program is a necessity. What they are offering is everyone who spends over $1 in one of their stores goes into a draw to win $10,000.

Lucky Charm Newsagency

Here is a picture of the brochure and the card.

It is designed to be a professional five colour card that fits in the same slots in a wallet that credit and debit cards would.

When you go into a Lucky Charm Newsagency now, you will see it is being promoted.

Here is a picture in a Townsville newsagency.

Lucky Charm Newsagency Townsville

And here is a newsagency in Victoria Park.

Victoria Park