Warning Friday Holiday Bumper Issues will have Saturday's barcode

Friday Holiday Bumper Issues of Fairfax will have Saturday's barcode, just like the Australian will have. This saves the newspaper publishers from having to get the price changes out to supermarkets, and they do not want to upset these people.

The newsagency industry will have to get used to it because it is likely to happen every long weekend.

Attached here is the communication from Fairfax.

Attached are details of The Age Bumper Issues this Christmas/New Year. Again, as is becoming normal for us with our Christmas and New Year bumpers, there is only a single book (no complications with A2) with all sections will be pre-inserted into the main news book. Essentially it is only a price change for the Friday editions (to Saturday pricing of $2.50).

There is no edition published on Christmas Day 25 December 2010.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sean Harrison
Circulation & Sales Strategy Manager
The Age