XchangeIT problems are still with us.

Although we are trying to help, there is unfortunately little we can do about these XchangeIT problems.

Most of the problems is we keep getting messages from several of the magazines companies and XchangeIT that all is fixed; the next day when it is still not fixed, people wonder what is going on and call.

So now the support lines to XchangeIT are flat out. We are constantly hearing from our clients that they "gave XchangeIT a ring and waited too long so they thought they would give us a try." Those that are getting though are finding XchangeIT support rather abrupt. Unfortunately there is little the support people in XchangeIT can do either so probably they are getting frustrated at repeating themselves daily a thousand times.

Added to this is the confusion most people have with new XchangeIT program. Many changed because Network was telling them that they will only accept returns online or EDI. Many of these normally would be struggling just to keep up with the new system, now they have to put up with these data problems too.

We said from the start the roll-out should be slower. That it should only go into production after a complete test. That network new return system should only be imposed after people were used to the new system.

Now it is a mess.