Leasing can be very attractive

In newsagencies leasing makes sense particularly if you intend to stay for a short time more, since the computer usually remains with the newsagency. You take a five-year lease. Not you immediately pocket the government 50% rebate off the total which is unreal as all you have paid is a year of leasing payments which is 100% deductible. You often pay nothing more as software maintenance is supplied on the first year free by the almost all vendors. Because it is new so you are less likely to suffer age-related breakdowns and if you do, it will often not cost you anything as it will probably be under warranty. When you add all this up, you are ahead already.

Plus over the year you have the advantage of the new and powerful equipment and software. That is something buyers appreciate too as who wants to buy a business with some old software that needs to be replaced almost immediately.

All this works if the leasing rates are low which they are now.