Less choice as Coles culls its product lines


I think my readers would find this article interesting about Coles.

It states

Coles is to slash the number of products shoppers have to choose from by almost a third.

The supermarket group has launched a high-risk trial to cut its lines by 30 per cent, marking a drastic shift away from offering shoppers a wide variety of choice to limited ranges.

Although these trials are only in early stages Coles report that

early results are encouraging … it shows just how over-ranged we are in certain segments

If Coles is over-ranged, what can we say about many newsagencies? I have seen some newsagencies where the magazines and cards are so over-ranged that the shopper has to hunt though the shelves to find them. Few shoppers do! If the shopper was to ask the newsagent often they cannot find them either, what is the point?

If Coles can maybe newsagents should look into their ranges of items too. Both our Windows and DOS systems have many fine stock reports that can enable you to identify marginal products. Posbrowser in particular has some of the best of the best of the best reports for this. If you have it why not use it? Findout more at a user meeting.

If you consider culling, in my experience your magazine department is a good place to start.