Catalogue files replaced by invoicing

There is a current catalogue file released by Simson cards for importing into our system. It is not correct. This problem, as in several other newsagent suppliers, is caused partly as each product has to be right even the obscure products rarely used and partly as these files are manually made and people make mistakes. So this is a recurring problem.

Normally this would be a major issue however we have been working with Simson on electronic invoicing (DDO) though E-mail. As those DDO files are made by a program not manually they should always be right. Plus it is easier on your end as electronic invoice files are commonly put into your system and everyone knows how to do it. So there will be, we hope no worries any more about the recurring problems with their files.

To register for their electronic invoicing please contact

Suzanne Fontaine
Sales Administration Manager
29 Westside Drive, Laverton North Vic 3026
Tel: (03) 9316 0700
Fax: (03) 9316 0701

It is great too that they are sending by E-mail as many people don't use Xchangeit so they can benefit too.

I look forward to other suppliers following Simson's lead and going electronic!