DOS users

One of my clients in Queensland emails me an email with a link to a web page from a competitor that claims that he must upgrade his DOS version. He then demanding to know what is happening.

As I see it, what he has read is a fiction!

So what is the facts, in Victoria many newsagents were not sending News Corp subscription data. News Corporations got upset so they decided to make a review of what was happening. They looked at the DOS and found certain features that they did not like. Once we found out we had discussions with them on this issue. Following these discussions we presented News Corporation with a proposal that has a good chance of being accepted that will allow Victorian newsagents of our software to keep using their software.

Now what has happened is it seems that one of our competitor although they have many such sites too are not going to upgrade their DOS version. What is going to happen to their clients that trusted them to buy software off them? It is all well and good to take someone money but once you do you should not leave them in a lurch in the middle of the river.

So as I see the facts only those newsagents in Victoria that are not POS Solution's clients are in big trouble.