School book program changes 2007

The following has been done in the new version of the school book program

Added new fee reports in report section

We have added an interim report into stock order screen to get it press f8 after loading order.

Now when entering payments under the payments tab, if payment method 'cheque' selected once you click 'Take Payment' you a prompt to enable you to add cheque under the account.

You can edit the line description (i.e. the stock description) by pressing F5 for both the student booklist and the class booklist.

Under School Book Package > functions > Utilities. You will find a new tab 'Aging Process'. This tab will allow you to bulk move students into a New Year or bulk delete students from a particular year.

You can now unfinalise quotes/classes or student booklists from the function > Utilities tab. When refinalizing an Active Price-List you will be asked if you wish to updated all linked classes. By selected Yes for this choice the system will automatically update all relevant class lists. When refinalizing a Class Booklist you will be asked if you wish to update all relevant student booklists. PLEASE NOTE: That if an individual student's Qty for an item has been changed from the default Qty the Qty will not be changed.

Changes done and now being checked so scheduled soon release

School Books > Reports you will find a new report 'Profit By School', This report will show a breakdown of all items on booklist for a particular school and include all student totals.

In School Books > Setup you will soon find a new alternative 'Allow EMA Method'. With this alternative you will be able to select a payment EMA method default. If 'EMA Method' is enabled when entering the student tab, you will find a checkbox 'EMA student'. If this checkbox is ticked when selecting a student in the payment tab it will default to the preselected EMA payment method.