American studies on shop fitting

I wonder if anyone has tried this out?

We were talking about some automatic way of putting stock locations into magazines. If we could get this going we could quickly do pocket analysis.

When someone pointed out that in the U.S. they recommend sorting the magazines using a slightly different method to what we do here. What they recommend is having two separate sections. One near the checkout and that holds only a few of the top sellers e.g 6 items. These are the publications that impulsive shoppers would buy. I notice the supermarkets here are do this too. It is a good idea to go to the local supermarket to see what they are. I notice the Woolworth's near me had a few sections for magazines. The main one had all the titled stocked but every checkout had about 6 items of some popular magazines e.g they had NEW IDEA, Cleo and NEW WOMEN.

If you try this I suggest that you check sales and efficiencies for checkout separately. Then add it to the main section to see if there is any increase. After all it is the most prize part of the shop we are talking of and you have to see if it pays.

By the way the top 5 magazines probably do about 40% plus of your magazine turnover so if works it should be noticeable.