Web attack attack still on

Our site is still under attack, although I have managed to get it back to some sort of normality but until this is over you need to register on this site to make a comment or email me and I will post it on your behalf.

The actual attack is mainly coming from Kansas in the US, from a network IP 173.208.148.*, but I think it is organised from the Fujian province in China.

Computer resources used while under attack

As you can see from the graph above, they have been bombarding the website close to the maximum for a number of days. It is clearly a major effort from someone who has access to a sizable network of computers in Kansas and over 50 zombie computers all over the world. Here is my current IP address of the computers that are attacking us.

Banned IP addresses

If you are on this list, you have some explaining to do.

I am wondering why it is happening. It's hardly like there is a a fortune waiting for who ever is doing this if they crack this website, okay they could get about 2000 newsagent, pharmacists, pet shops and others' email addresses. Not that they are going to get that as I removed the list. It is not a shopping site or trading sites, so what is their aim? I do not know, maybe as an expert from our website company suggests they want this website wrecked. Who knows?