Your Business Needs To start preparing For The Upcoming Holidays In 2023.


Particular times of the year have different customers with different needs, one of the big reasons are holidays. You can pick up more sales by being ready with the right stock.

Well, it's time to start detailed planning for 2023.

Click here for a site with an excellent list of holidays in Australia; what I particularly like about it, is if I require an explanation of the holiday, all I need to do is click on holiday, and I get a decent description.

Why do calendars change every year?

Few reasons, mainly because 365 days a year means we move forward one day a year as 365 does not divide into seven evenly. Today the 30 December 2022, will be a Friday, but the 30 December 2023 will be a Saturday. The next big problem is that many holidays are set but the moon, so they follow the lunar calendar. Then there are other reasons, e.g. different calendars, but the result is that many holidays in 2023 will be held differently than in 2022, so you need to remember these days.

Plan for holiday-specific merchandise or products

It's essential to ensure you have the right stock for the particular holiday; for example, on Sunday, 12 November 2023, many Diwali candles will be sold. Some of these are very beautiful. If you have the right products in stock, you can drive sales.

There are a few key things to consider when determining what stock to keep on hand for a holiday:

Know your audience

Think about who your customers are and what they might be interested in buying. If you need more clarification, ask them. See if you can meet the needs of your customers during that holiday.


Think about what you need to do to prepare for the holidays.


PS Looking for more ideas

Use this page above and check out other countries where people in your area would be interested.

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