Xchangeit sales data in 2007


Xchangeit sales data is to us both positive and negative.

It is bad that a significant number of our clients are not sending sales data! There is no technical problem, it is just a high percentage are either not bothering or deciding not to send the sales data. I intend to check on everyone of my relevant clients this week to find out why they are not sending data.

On the other hand, the good news is our sales data is extremely good. It has been described to me as the best. This is clearly an excellent result.

As I stated earlier according to my calculations we now have enough sites sending good sales data that magazine producers could send every day reliable estimated daily sales with just Pos Solutions clients.

That Xchangeit is not doing it now is hurting the entire industry. It should be a priority in the industry to send each one of these publishers free this data AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.