XchangeIT pricing

We had a few people ask today about the new XchangeIT pricing. We have been in frequent contact with XchangeIT particularly on the new fees they are introducing.

The current proposed pricing

The new prices (EXT GST) are
1) $400 if you are fully compliant
2) $600 POS DOS users
3) $850 if you cannot send sales data

As a guess, I would say to the newsagency industry this represents about a 35% increase in fees. XchangeIT argue that it is fair as they have not had an increase for many years.

Our arguments back is few in newsagencies and IT had any increase either in that period. Considering their monopoly position surely financial justification is needed. Also these fees are hitting hardest, the smaller ones who can afford it the least. Lastly that surely if one accepts that sales data has worth, newsagents are paying more both in data and money.

Clearly based on the current proposed pricing our arguments had some affect. POS DOS users by all rights should be charged $850. We asked that they should be treated as if they were fully compliant as they are compliant (we have a certificate to say so) and they tend to be small so cannot afford these increases. XchangeIT have met us better than halfway. POS DOS receives a special discount of $250 discount. No other system that does not send sales data got that. So I am pleased about that.

What many clients might want to consider now if you have more than one shop is using our multishop system. Using it many shops can be run though one XchangeIT account. Also your magazine management will be better.

We are having a meeting with the XchangeIT tomorrow as we are is confused about some details. We need more answers. Then give us a few days to digest what they say before we will explain the situation. So we should have some answers by Monday.