XchangeIT blues

The problems with XchangeIT currently are continuing. Hopefully tomorrow they claim it will be fixed. Here is what they are saying now.

Hi all

XChangeIT have completed the update of the Client and Distributor Gateways for Network Services & NDD, this should fix the intermittent problems we’ve experienced over the last week in getting agents their DD2 files.

Gotch however are experiencing issues with downloading the fixes, hopefully they will be up and running today

Gotch & NDD are due to send DD2 files to agents this afternoon for tomorrow’s on-sale, NSC sent these files last week as well as emailing them out today as a back up.

Please let me know if you do hear of any agents experiencing issues in receiving the Gotch and NDD files via XChangeIt Link for tomorrows on sale. The next lot of Network DD2 files that is due out to agents will be Monday’s on-sale due to agents early Thursday morning.

Any queries please let me know.


Supply Chain Project Manager

This means that many of you will have three copies of the same invoice so be careful.

In the meantime, there is little we can do to help as the problem is not on our end.