XChangeIT and gift invoices

Since one of our competitors released a complaint about the quality of the gift invoices issued by XChangeIT on behalf of Gordon and Gotch, there has been a fury of discussion. In particular, their claim that some of the products have suggested retail prices that are higher than the supplier suggested retail, which could present a major problem in states like NSW with its consumer protection law and also that this gives the retailer an inaccurate picture of their margins. Furthermore, the claim is that these invoices being sent are riddled with errors.

On behalf of our clients, that have contacted us on this issue,

1) We have tested several invoices

2) We have reached XChangeIT for more information,

3) We have reviewed our clients' information after they have imported these gift invoices.

We do not see these errors, and this may be because we are not looking at the right spot, it might be that it is not appearing with us as our software has inbuilt AI data correction, something exclusive to us, or it may be that these invoices have been corrected by Gordan and Gotch before this complaint went public. Without more information, we cannot say, what we can say now is that our users do not appear to be having problems with the data quality of these invoices.

If you have an issue with this problem, please contact XChangeIT CEO Chris Leach on Phone: 1300 551 212 who is very interested in this question then let me know the outcome.