With the demise of Bill Express


Bill Express

With the demise of Bill Express many services you currently have will need to be replaced. We have put together a list of our recommended options.


For EFTPOS, we recommend the Tyro EFTPOS unit which can be integrated into Posbrowser.

The Tyro unit connects via the internet and is fast and efficient, processing transactions in under 4 seconds. It really is a pleasure to use at the front counter.

For more information you can contact Tyro direct
Anthony Haddad
Payment Solutions Sales
Tyro - Level 2, 125 York St,
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 02 8907 1726 F: 02 8907 1626 M: 0403 3475 74
E: ahaddad@tyro.com

or email them at newsagents@tyro.com


Newsagents should consider e-pay for their phone re-charge services. e-pay can offer the full range of cards, including Optus and Vodafone.

We have been working on integrating e-pay phone recharge into Posbrowser but to date it has not been finalised and approved. We do suggest for the time being that you sign up with e-pay and use the terminal.

For this and other supplier files please visit here

As a special arrangement with e-pay, given the circumstances of the last few days, if you sign up then please let us know by sending an email to support@possolutions.com.au

Please include your business name, address and phone number in this email so that we can correctly identify you.

We can then notify e-pay that you are a POS Solutions customer and therefore they can note this against your account so that your contract can be reviewed when the integration into Posbrowser is complete.

You can contact e-pay either by phone on 02 8297 2888 or via email on sales@epayaust.com.au

For further information about E-Pay visit their web site here.


Many of our customers are still using Bill Express for their internet service. It is not clear how long this service will continue to operate.

If your internet is cut off you will loose email, XChangeIT invoices, Web browsing, automatic updates and possibly your EFTPOS as well.

While we do not provide internet services, you can contact our preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP), echoNX networks on their Bill Express transition hotline 043 035 3604 or email transition@echoNX.net

echoNX networks are more than just another ISP, they offer and more importantly support a complete network solution, are posbrowser certified and have proven experience with posbrowser clients, servers and multi-shop installations including wired, wireless and remote networking.

Generally ISP product offerings are marketing driven and little or no attention is given to the support of their installation. ISPs are dedicated to the general internet user and often treat retailers as residential users when something goes wrong. echoNX networks differ from all other internet service providers in that the echoNX network is built to serve retailers.

If you do order another internet service, make sure you order an ADSL connection and not an ADSL2 connection. It has to do with the changeover. If you swap from the Bill Express ADSL internet connection to ADSL2 they have to make changes at your telephone exchange and you may loose the internet for several days and not several hours.

Phil Doensen