Windows 10 the future

Yesterday what we saw was further upgrades with Windows 10, which brought some new functions to our users and mainly ran fine after the updates were installed.

Still there is every update now a small number of our POS software users clients calling with update related issues. Considering that how many we are getting, I doubt that Microsoft is testing these updates enough. As such it looks like we are now Windows 10 beta testers. Interestingly most of the corporates use the Enterprise version of windows 10 and these patches seem to be pushed out later after the regular Windows 10 users have been beta tested. Microsoft cannot afford to upset these people.

Clearly the days of having to buy new computers so you can run the latest version of Windows is over. As I stated early I doubt that there will be Windows 11. Version 10 will become Windows, and what will happen is that you will be kept being updated automatically with new features, bug fixes and security patches. So we need to get used to this.