What happens when you do not have real time stock management?

Answer you buy too much or not enough.

With the use of our smart phone app where ever you are, you can check your stock quantities. Here is how it works.

Say you are in a supplier's warehouse or at a trade show, you may have at best a computer generated order report based on yesterday or this mornings figure. You know of course a lot can happen in a few hours in retail. So you may add to the order in your head how you think the stock is going, taking into account any unusual customer behavior, and other vital forecasting tools. Now you come across an item which looks hot, but you are not sure whether you handle it and if you do know you handle just how many you have in the store?

The is a typical example of when really need your real-time data the most.

So you go to your smart phone, which has our app Mobile Stock.

Once you select it, out appears this screen.

You take a picture of the barcode using the smart phone camera and if the product is in your database, out pops the following.

This tells you straight away a real-time stock figure, and you know you have this product and you have 12 in stock. We include the description so you can check that its not a duplicate barcode unfortunately, they still happen.

People using it tell me that using this app has been invaluable.

The other use is you can discreetly scan the item in a competitor's shop and quickly compare their price to yours to see whether your pricing is correct, which is very handy too.