What could I have sold?


What could I have sold or finding dropped product lines in your shop

Suddenly you no longer got stock of some products, and you never knew it and often, because the losses are small for any item, you do not even notice it. Much of this loss may be due to poor stock ordering by yourself or your suppliers so it may be actionable. So it is helpful to figure out what effect these product losses had on your business. Fortunately, you have a report that can help determine the loss in our point-of-sale system, which is well worth using. In Cash register reports > Stock, There is a report "Stock Sold During Period (a) Not Sold in Period (b) report." So we can now run a report for, I generally recommend, six months. So put dates last year for the six months and then six months this year. 

So t looks like this:

Period A - 20/04/2021 - 19/10/2021 
Period B - 20/04/2022 - 19/10/2022 

That gives us items the shop sold in period A compared to the last six months. Now I always think it's easier to work by departments, so I picked magazines.

Now when I press "View Report", I get this.

Look at the first line, almost $20,000 worth of stock in six months with a profit of over $6,000 lost. Although some are noticeable, you would never pick most as they are small. Still, much here should be in the shop selling as they add up if you put them together! 

Once you have the list, it's time to see whether what you have lost is worth looking into and, if so, what you can do.

I would recommend running this report monthly.

Here is another illustration of our POS Program's functional and helpful benefits.

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