We need to be green



A few days ago, two issues came out of the election, how strong the legalise cannabis movement was in Australia about 5% plus the Greens, and how much people showed that they care about the environment. 

Many of my clients have been proactive in the environment for many years. They strongly support sustainable initiatives. Now we can be assured the government will bring in many more policies on sustainability.  It will probably affect pushing for more sustainable alternatives. Count on in-store recycling, possibly ethical sourcing, and companies having a sustainability policy too. So, although till recently, it was a specialty approach in retail, it will not be for long. Everyone will be pushing it to prove they are making credible efforts to be more sustainable. 

This is going to be complicated. A few years ago, in one of the offices, we put in a $20,000 solar power system, and it is not justifying itself financially. I can give you the figures for it if anyone wants to know them. 

I recommend now that you find out from your suppliers what their products' environmental and sustainability situation. This is something you need to know. 

If it is good, tell your clients! If it is not, you may have a problem.



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