Video Conferencing tips


Over the latest few weeks, I have been doing a lot of video conferencing, and I have discovered that it saves a lot of time. I also find that it is much better to talk to someone seeing them with a video link then talking on the phone. I suggest that you try it too.

I now even have family conferences on zoom; we all meet up online.

Here are a few tips, I have put together to help you do video conferencing.

I have found skype, google hangouts, Facebook and zoom the best. Not because they are better than other video conferencing, it is just that people accept them more and feel more familiar with them. So I suggest that you stick to these. 

Try and turn everything off on your computer but the video conferencing. Extra programs can cause problems.

Use your shop or home internet connection and not the mobile telephone data. Mobile data has this habit of fading in and out, particularly if you are moving.

Check how you look in the video conference screen and move around so people can see you better. One point here is if you look at the camera, people will see you looking at them while if you look at them on screen, you appear to be looking away from them. I find this unnerving because I know they are listening to me, but they do not look like they are.

If you have kids,  pets or customers interfering, Given the current situation, everyone will understand. Please just politely tell everyone that you need to do something and given the current situation everyone I am sure will understand.

Despite the unfortunate situation that makes video conferencing essential now, I think we are all getting more accustomed to this mode of communications, and I believe it is here to stay particularly as it is not only cheaper but better.

This is a good video on the subject


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