Tyro and eftpos



We introduced Tyro into the newsagency industry, a long time ago. We liked it both for technical and commercial reasons. Tyro connects directly through the internet so no phone lines needed. That saves money. Also because of this, Tyro is fast. With it, you can do an EFTPOS transaction in seconds. As it is a single entry, it reduces keying errors.

We were not the only ones impressed with Tyro. One of our competitors decided to follow us again. He is late but still now; he has gone to Tyro too. Clearly, he is not the only one impressed as it just went public. In today's difficult share market, their share offer was oversubscribed by 70%. That is an incredible score. It shows the share market, even in this difficult period sees it as a great product too.

Anyway, we arranged a highly competitive package with them for our users. When all is added, this package has saved our clients much.

If you want more information please contact Tyro direct
Anthony Haddad
Payment Solutions Sales
Tyro - Level 2, 125 York St,
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 02 8907 1726 F: 02 8907 1626 M: 0403 3475 74

Web address: http://www.tyro.com/win/merchants