Tips on Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls

There are a few points that I do suggest you look when selecting receipt paper rolls.

Make sure you have enough. It is not going to be good if suddenly you run low on receipt paper rolls and you have to run to get it. A tip is if you could sell these receipt rolls, make it a stock item in the shop, so you have spare just in case It also gives you a chance to check the quality of the receipt rolls, before actually using them. I have seen some rolls that stink.

Sometimes if they are poorly handled, the pressure will release the ink so making the rolls filthy. I have seen boxes of rolls wholly squashed making the rolls misshapen. When people tried to use them, the receipts jammed in the printer. Just send them back if you can.

Furthermore, what happens is that as the rolls suffer from the heat and so blacken. If you are storing the rolls, make sure that it is in a dark place away from the heat. They will blacked if you do not do this.

Generally if the paper is very thin, this is not a good sign. Often it makes it really hard to read what is printed on it as the receipts look faded as soon as you print the receipt. In addition, it makes you look cheap, so the message your clients will get is "We are cheap just see our cheap receipt."

Additionally, in an attempt to fit more paper on a roll, sometimes people make the centre roll too small. This causes the receipts to come out rolled up. Your clients will not like that as they want a piece of paper and not a rolled-up receipt.

Lastly try to email receipts rather than print them in your point of sale software, save a bit of money in printing and email it. That way, you can do VIP marketing as well as you have their email address.