Till Cameras: Boosting Security in Your Store


Shoplifting isn't just about the cost of stolen goods. It's a threat to your business. If word gets around that you are an easy mark, you're in big trouble. One of the best methods of dealing with it is having cameras right at the checkout. It's simple but surprisingly powerful and can make everyone think twice. I have spoken about this many times. Plus I can quote from personal experience doing this for years, that this will work.

Why It Works: You're Not Catching Thieves

You might be surprised, but those cameras aren't mainly about catching bad guys after the fact. The trick is psychology! When people know they're on camera, even the most honest of us feel more careful. 

Time Is Money: Proof for when you need it

Of course, sometimes you do need to play detective. Matching up your till records with that camera footage is way easier when you've got timestamps on your videos. This is solid evidence to take to the authorities if something serious goes down. Its actually one of the few pieces of evidence that the authorities do accept.

Let's Be Honest: Nobody Loves It

We all get it; staff and customers might feel a bit iffy about being on camera. But with shoplifting on the rise, protecting your business is the top priority. That's the message to communicate clearly to your team.

Tips for Success

Till camera

  • Clear Signage: Let everyone know cameras are rolling with visible signs. This is often a legal requirement.
  • Show a video of the filming: The idea is to let people know you are recording them.
  • The Right Tech: If you want, we can supply cameras that sync into your POS system.
  • Staff: Unfortunately, staff theft can be a factor alongside customer shoplifting, so let them know. That's why cameras protect everyone's jobs.

To make the most of your till cameras, ensure they are focused on these key elements:

  • The Staff Member: Clearly capture who is conducting each transaction.
  • The Transaction: Record the exchange of money and goods between the customer and staff member.
  • The Till: Video of the opening of the till drawer and the process of cash or card payments being processed. 
  • Timestamps: This is crucial for quickly matching camera footage to specific transactions in your POS system, providing clear evidence if needed.


Real-Life Aussie Business Example

"Since adding till cameras, that sneaky feeling of items 'walking away' has gone down loads. My stress levels have gone down too! It was definitely the right move." - Sarah an Owner of a newsagency,  in Adelaide

Small Retailers, Big Protection

Such systems are relatively cheap today. They're an affordable smart move for businesses of all sizes. Think of it less like sneaky surveillance and more like adding an extra layer of honesty to your checkout.

Need help getting set up? We are available to help you find the right camera solution!


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