The newest way of dog recognition technology


If you have a pet shop, the following site by Microsoft may help you to try to identify rare dog breeds. What this site claim is from a photo can determine the breed of the dog. It has a downloadable app, so you can do it straight from your mobile too.

I tested it with some random dogs that I found on pet finder


Overall it seems to give good results. I was quite impressed.

Although it did have a few goofs. I clicked here.

I put in Lucas, who is a two-year-old. It's a hard test as the experts in pet finder were not sure but thinks its either a neutered Bouv Flandres or Labradoodle; they are not sure.



However, it is certainly not a poodle.

Still it may help you out.

What it also shows is the limitation of current image processing technology used in many of the modern security systems.