The ANF submission on plain packaging of tobacco


The ANF here submitted to the consultation on Post Implementation Review (PIR) Tobacco Plain Packaging.

Their main claims are that it has had minimal significant public health benefits, that the economic impact on its member has been substantial, and that it is unfair that SMB should not have to carry most of the cost of this legislation. Although I am not going to comment on the last point, I do feel that the first two points are correct.

I data mined tobacco sales from 2006 to 2014 and can find no evidence that plain packaging had any effect. It's a total blank. I agree with the ANF too that the reduction in sales in mainly due to the higher unit costs of tobacco, although I would add that the drop magazine sales is also having a major effect on tobacco sales with their members.

I do not think this was a well-thought-out campaign by the government at all.

Here are some interesting links if you wish to check this out further: