Test free cloud backups.


Now we recommend all our clients use cloud back up as a secondary and last emergency service. At the moment, we are finding cloud back up to be the best defence against ransomware viruses.

Although hopefully, you have your own internal backup system, which is your first call if a disaster takes place, and we do not suggest that you change that yet.

Cloud backup is very good, but it has problems too a cloud effectively is somone elses computer and nothing is 100%. For example one of our clients had a laptop that was stolen. They could not restore the information from the cloud, and it ended out in an argument with their cloud supplier as to who was responsible.

Still for many of you that use Telstra, there is currently a good offer for you to try a cloud backup free.

Onedrive works well with cloud backup and your systems and even the 5GB offer that onedrive has free for anyone is probably enough for most people. At the very least, it's a great way of testing cloud backups free of charge, and if you decide to pay for it, it is $1.99/month or if not you are still free to look elsewhere.

Here is an information sheet on how to set up and use cloud backs with onedrive and our system.

There are of course many other excellent providers of cloud back up too that our clients use, which have their own backup systems, and I am certainly not suggesting that there is anything wrong with these.