Telco recharge benchmarked Nov 2018



Telco recharge is very easy to install and sell in our point of sale software, and it has become for many of our clients' a major line. Many of our clients, do offer it as a service at their shops. 

The big plus is that it brings people into the shop as the amount of work involved is almost zero, and there is nothing upfront — all it is on the register another button.

Here are some benchmarked figures all based on average values.

This is a graph over two years for the average number of transactions per month.

Transactions per shop over two years

As you can see, there was a drop last year but it seems to have stabilised. Much of this drop, I am sure is due to the reduction in working hours that some of our clients did in 2017, but some is a drop in sales in the market. What we think is happening is that as Telcos are offering better deals to those people buying these products, they need to buy less as what they have lasts longer. Interestingly though the average unit price sold has gone up.

Still, overall it works out to 3 to 4 transactions a working day.  Which is lovely, as who can complain about 3 to 4 extra customers a day in the shop? Plus you get access to free promotions.

The profit itself on a sale is primarily determined by sale number, and this has only very slightly gone up in the past two years. It is now about $1.14 a transaction.

Margin per sale average over two years

Effectively what it works out too is you press a button in your POS system, collect some money, and you make a $1.14 and maybe that customer will buy something else too.

If you want to know more about it, please contact us.


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