Supplier movement

What is an fascinating report is to see the changes in sales of your suppliers over time in your shop.

It is in the register sales reports and is called the "Sales comparison by supplier"

You nominate the date; I recommend a large period compared to the same period the year before.

Supplier options

Now in this example, I will show it as a percentage for demonstration purposes, although normally I would use currency and export as I showed you in a previous post to excel.

Then I press view report, and this is what pops up.

Supplier report

Now as you can see there are quite enormous changes over time by suppliers. You can also see it the changes over time by a number of KPIs such as sales, profit, average sale price, etc. There is a lot more on the next page too.

This report was used by one of the participants at the recent ACCC enquiry on magazines.

Overall it makes fascinating read.

It can certainly help you to make better business decisions.