Supermarkets and servos to sell scratchies,21985,22571809-661,00.html,21985,22571809-661,00.html

This article, I thought with some interesting comments.

"Under the new 10-year licences, Tatts and Intralot will be free to expand the sale of their products to all retail outlets, including servos and supermarkets from July 1, 2008.....Tattersall's expected to match Intralot's retail expansion plans."

So in July 2008, not only will be see scratchies going into large number of shops but more ominiously we can also see the number places selling Tattersall's products in Victoria will be increased.

Interestingly in all the discussions in the news media on this, I have read no one even talking about the affect on the Tattersall's franchises who depend on these products and are now looking at a major drop. Not only will many lose scratchie sales but they will also lose some of their Tattersall's sales as their will be more outlets for Tattersall.

It is a bit too early to speculate on those without Tattersall now who are now looking at exciting chance to get into soft gambling!