Streamlining your Repair Control in your shop


a technician using a tablet to update a repair order

Managing maintenance and repairs in your store - whether a jewellery store, bike shop, or lawn mower repair - can be challenging as a retailer. However, using the correct methods and tools can simplify your maintenance management process and has resulted in increased productivity, lower costs and increased customer satisfaction with a larger In this article; we’ll explore the benefits of digitizing your work order process flow, implementing intelligent ticketing systems, automating communications and integrating accounts seamlessly strenuous Program flow: the key to success A well-defined job scheduling system is essential to reduce unscheduled downtime, improve equipment reliability, and optimise maintenance costs.

By implementing a structured schedule, you can:

  • Prioritize tasks: Ensure critical repairs are addressed promptly

  • Schedule preventive maintenance: Reduce unexpected failures and extend equipment lifespan

  • Document repairs: Keep a record of completed work for future reference. I have had clients who have picked up a turnover just because everything done is documented. What was happening was that people were doing tasks and forgetting to charge for them.

  • Continuously improve: Regularly review and refine your process

From Chaos to Calm: Streamline Repairs with POS Software

Use our intelligent ticketing system to guide repair jobs from submission to completion, enabling you to:

  • Assign tasks: Clearly define responsibilities among team members

  • Track progress: Monitor the status of each repair job

No matter your repair specialty, our POS software can simplify your workflow. Here are some examples:

  • Jewelry Stores: Track jewellery repairs.
  • Bike Shops: Create service orders for tune-ups and component upgrades and track the parts used for each repair.
  • Enhance collaboration: Ensure seamless communication among team members

Automated Communications: Keeping Customers Informed

Automatic email and SMS notifications keep customers updated on:

  • Parts availability: Inform customers when necessary components are available

  • Job completion: Notify customers when repairs are finished

  • Work progress: Provide regular updates on repair status

Our POS system goes beyond point-of-sale. It integrates into maintenance management and provides a unified workflow for smooth operations.

Imagine this: A customer brings in a broken watch. You create maintenance orders in the POS and automatically capture customer and product information. The system then communicates with your inventory to view parts and quote your price immediately. This eliminates data entry errors and saves you and your employees valuable time. Additionally, once repairs are complete, the POS can generate invoices based on work done, making it easier for your customers to check out and, most importantly, nothing is missed from the invoice.

POS system for repairs

Reduce administrative costs through automated work order creation, invoicing, and reporting.

  • Invoicing: Generate invoices based on completed work

  • Reduce paperwork errors:  These can lead to costly rework and customer dissatisfaction.

  • Efficient billing: Reduce administrative tasks and errors

Spare Parts Inventory Management: Ensuring Readiness

Maintain an organized spare parts storage to:

  • Ensure necessary components are readily available

  • Reduce delays: Minimize wait times for essential parts

Maintenance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Tracking Success

Monitor metrics such as:

  • Equipment uptime: Measure the percentage of time equipment is operational

  • Mean time to repair (MTTR): Track the average time to complete repairs

  • Overall repair cycle time: Monitor the time from submission to completion

Regularly review KPIs to identify areas for process improvement.

Customer Satisfaction: The Ultimate Goal

Efficient repair tracking directly impacts customer satisfaction. Transparent communication and timely repairs lead to happier clients, increasing loyalty and repeat business.

Embracing Technology and Efficiency

Implementing these practices can significantly enhance your repair shop's performance, leading to growth and customer loyalty. If you do any repairs in your business, why not embrace technology and implement more efficient processes? After all, this is crucial for business success.


Streamlining these processes will reduce downtime, improve reliability, and optimise maintenance costs, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Receive technology and efficiency to take your maintenance business to the next level.

Contact us now to check it out!

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