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Your thinking of getting a website, the first point most people wonder about is will people come to buy off me if I have a website?

The technical term for this is SEO, and it is a problem. For any product that you sell, the odds are that many people will list it on the web for sale too. 

The first point to say is just because your product is not unique does not mean that it will not sell on the web. There are very few companies that have such unique products; almost everyone has competitors that make claims of having a similar product or service to them.

Ask yourself if you search online for a product or service, what are you looking to find out? Generally, it is either a location if they want to go there and/or a price if they want to buy and get delivered online.  That you are big or small is often a fairly minor question? If your fax paper price is $8 and the same brand is in Officeworks at $10, almost no-one will buy at Officeworks and pay more.

On the net, David can and does beat Goliath.

However, what you need to do is make sure that you are seen on Google. Today in Australia, Google has 94.7% of all searches.  

Now how do you get up high, well for most people the best strategy is to act local, and Google is built to do this. In its searches, it takes this into account, your location.

What you need to investigate is what words do people search on Google to find a business like yours. The best ones to ask are your customers, ask them "Say you were on Google and trying to find a business like mine, what would you put in?" There are also plenty of websites and tools that can help you if you want to get more technical.


Once you have your list to get up high in Google so you can be seen with "fax paper" as a search term is probably impossible without serious money but "fax paper near me" is not hard. Put in your website that you sell that fax paper and your location. Make sure you list the suburbs you handle, and Google will do the rest. Similarly, this will happen with any other product you see, eg dog food, lipstick, newspapers, etc. 

A decent web designer or service provider like what we have will be able to offer you practical advice on this.

Some fine-tuning will need to be done, some words you will find it very hard but many will be very easy.

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